Advanced brain-computer interfaces and brain research

The next personal computer will be a non-invasive brain-computer interface


We envision a world where everyone has their own personal brain-computer interface.

In this world, people can do incredible things.


A new breed of interface.

MindPortal is producing a true platform device.

Old paradigm 1
Conventional non-invasive brain-interfaces
  • Low resolution and noisy signals
  • Non-intuitive use
  • Very limited applications
New paradigm
MindPortal platform interface
A wearable, portable device for anybody to use anywhere
  • No surgery required
  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Bidirectional - sends and receives info from the brain
  • Infinite possible applications
Old paradigm 2
Conventional invasive brain-interfaces
  • Require surgical implantation
  • Single localised brain region
  • Very limited applications

Reimagining brain research.

MindPortal is unlocking our understanding of how our brains encode and decode experiences...
To develop the neural applications
of the future.
MindPortal Research
Decoding all senses
Direct decoding of human goals
Everyday environments
Previous Research
Limited experiments
Discrete, non-intuitive tasks
Exclusively lab environments

An award-winning team.

Our team is a collective of thinkers, scientists and engineers with backgrounds from;

University College London
(no.1 in Europe for Neuroscience)
Stanford University
Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
Ilinois University
(no.1 neural data recording lab in the world)
Backed by the best
Y Combinator is a start-up fund. Their investments includes Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe and Instacart. The combined valuation of YC companies is over $300bn.
7percent Ventures back startups early, who are changing the way the world works. They've invested in >75 companies, including first money in to Oculus VR (acquired by Facebook for $2.3bn).

We're on a mission to revolutionise human experience.
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